Neck Injury Claims*

Whiplash Claims*

Neck injury is a common result of accidents, particularly road traffic accidents.

Woman with neck injuryWhiplash-type injury can occur when muscles tendons and ligaments are over stretched, resulting in stiffness and pain in the neck and is also often characterised by headaches.

Whiplash-type injury usually results from a rear ending road traffic accident whereby the person in a car is hit with force by another car from the back resulting in a forward and then backwards movement which overstretches the soft tissues in the neck and back region.

In some extreme cases this can result in fractures and paralysis.
Typical whiplash type injury to the soft tissues in the neck and upper back region can take quiet a considerable time to recover, in some cases upwards of two years or more.

Naturally, this can have a very debilitating effect on a persons ability to engage in ordinary activities, such as their usual work activities and their enjoyment of sports and past times.

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FURTHER READING: Below we have embedded a guide from the Mater Hospital which covers¬†whiplash injury symptoms and aftercare do’s and don’ts.


Neck and Whiplash Injury Symptoms