Accidents on Construction Sites

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Building sites and Construction sites are extremely hazardous places. Construction sites have the highest injury rates of all dangerous working environments.  If you have been injured whilst working on a construction site either as an employee or contractor Quinn Solicitors can advise you as to whether you have a right to compensation arising out of your accident.

Employers and Construction Site owners are under a duty to provide their employees with a number of basic requirements which are:

Safe place of work

Construction sites are constantly changing, but there is an onus on the employer to ensure that the construction site is kept in a safe condition and tools, flexes, cables, etc are not strewn about thus creating hazards. In addition it is not acceptable for openings to be left uncovered etc.  Scaffolding must be erected in a safe and proper manner.

Safe system of work

The Employer or Construction Site Owner is under a duty to devise a system of work which is inherently safe and safety procedures must be put in place before construction work can begin.  A great deal of consideration must be given by the employer to implementing a safe system of work and if he fails to do so and an accident results then a right to compensation can arise for the injured party.

Safe equipment and machinery

The Employer or Construction Site Owner is under a duty to provide safe equipment such as machinery, scaffolding, electrical supply etc whereby employees can carry out the various tasks assigned to them.  Where the employee breaches this duty and an accident results, an employee or a third party who is injured as a result of this breach is entitled to bring a claim for compensation for injuries sustained.


Proper training must be provided to all employees by the Employer or Construction Site Owner and it is important that all persons are properly qualified to carry out the various tasks assigned to them.  In addition, if on-site training is required this must be provided by the employee.  Where an accident results from the actions of a co-employee who was not properly trained to carry out an assigned task and an injury results from that failure, then the injured party is entitled to bring a claim for personal injuries.

Common types of construction accidents

Building Sites and Construction Sites are very hazardous places and common types of accidents that occur are:

  • Falls from roofs, scaffolding and ladders
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Falls through openings left uncovered
  • Accidents as a result of faulty electrics.
  • Accidents as a result of faulty machinery
  • Lifting accidents causing injuries, usually back injuries

What to do if you are injured on a building site

If you are unlucky enough to be injured in an accident on a Construction Site or Building Site then you should carefully follow the following advice:

  • Report the accident to your Manager, Foreman or Supervisor on site.  Be sure to comply with any procedural requirements such as filling out an Accident Report Form on Incident/Accident Book.  If possible secure a copy of any documents that you sign or fill out such as the Incident Report Book or an Accident Report Form.
  • Try to ensure that any Witnesses are properly identifiable and contactable to you or your Solicitor afterwards.  If it is possible obtain the name and telephone number from any witnesses that may be of assistance to you in establishing liability on the part of your employer.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as practicable.  Please ensure that the medical attendant is made aware of the circumstances of the accident.
  • Consult with an experienced Personal Injuries Solicitor.  Quinn Solicitors have 20 years experience in obtaining the highest possible amount of compensation for persons injured in Building Site Accidents.

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