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Employers are under a duty to provide adequate training and know how to its employees to ensure that they can carry out their work in a safe manner to ensure that they are not injured or there is no injury to their co-workers.

Where lifting and carrying materials in work is required, an employer is under a duty to provide manual handling courses to ensure that this general task can be carried out properly and safely by the employees.  For more specific tasks such as the use of chemicals, specific training may well be required by the employees to ensure that the task can be carried out in a safe manner.  Also, where the use of electricity is involved, it is important that all employees are properly trained to carry out their duties safely.



The list of potential injuries arising out of in adequate training is in reality a very lengthy list however, some of the more common injuries due to inadequate training in the workplace include:

  • Falls from height or ladders due to lack of training in the use of ladders, scaffolding and other similar equipment;
  • Electric shocks – due to inadequate training;
  • Chemical burns from the use of hazard materials;
  • Injuries resulting from a lack of knowledge and training in the proper use of workplace equipment;
  • Injuries from exposure to hazard materials over a long period of time such as asbestos.



If you are unlucky enough to be injured in an accident on a Construction Site or Building Site then you should carefully follow the following advice:

  • Report the accident to your Manager, Foreman or Supervisor on site. Be sure to comply with any procedural requirements such as filling out an Accident Report Form on Incident/Accident Book.  If possible secure a copy of any documents that you sign or fill out such as the Incident Report Book or an Accident Report Form.
  • Try to ensure that any Witnesses are properly identifiable and contactable to you or your Solicitor afterwards. If it is possible obtain the name and telephone number from any witnesses that may be of assistance to you in establishing liability on the part of your employer.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as practicable. Please ensure that the medical attendant is made aware of the circumstances of the accident.
  • Consult with an experienced Personal Injuries Solicitor. Quinn Solicitors have 20 years experience in obtaining the highest possible amount of compensation for persons injured in Building Site Accidents.
  • Contact Quinn Solicitors Experts in Personal Injuries Claims if you are interested in pursuing a claim for Personal Injuries arising out of your motorcycle accident, to discuss your case as soon as possible for you after your accident. It is important to remember that you only have two years from the date that you were injured to bring a claim for personal injuries and accordingly it is important that you act reasonably quickly following your road traffic accident as it is necessary to gather in quite a lot of information before the matter can be progressed in a meaningful way.

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