Including multi-vehicle accidents and pileups*

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The risks of being involved in a multi-vehicle accident are considerably higher on a motorway and accordingly the risk of serious injury is substantially higher owing to the large volume of traffic utilising the motorways.

Consequently, an injured person may well be subjected to a number of collisions and consequently this increases the likelihood of serious injury.

Motorways are now a common feature in the Irish countryside.  By and large however, motorways are generally a safer option than traditional roads, principally due to the fact that incidents of oncoming traffic are eliminated.

However, unlike other parts of Western Europe, motorways were not common in Ireland up until the last ten to fifteen years.

Accordingly, Irish motorists were not used to driving on motorways and whilst it is generally accepted to be a safer route for transport, motorway driving does require unspecific skills which must be acquired over time.

Greater speeds cause more serious injuries and larger compensation awards

The speed limit on motorways tends to be marginally higher than on national routes and accordingly where an accident occurs, they tend to be of a particularly serious nature.

Typical injuries include fractured and broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries and serious soft tissue injuries.

What to do if your  involved in a road traffic accident on a motorway:

  • Obtain the insurance details of the other driver.
  • Call the Gardai to the scene of the accident.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • Try to identify any witnesses to the accident.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Retain all receipts for any expenses that you incurred.

Road Traffic Accident Claims – 10 Things You Must Do

Client case study: €279,000 injury compensation for accident on the M7 motorway

Our client Diane was travelling in the midlands from her home in County Limerick to Dublin on a Sunday evening in July 2008.

Diane’s car was in collision with a lorry which caused her to collide with the central median/barrier on the M7.

As a consequence Diane sustained injuries to include a fractured skull, two broken ankles, multiple cuts and bruising to the upper body to include abrasion injuries to her neck and shoulder due to seatbelt restraint.

Quinn Solicitors acted for Diane and after three and a half years Diane received the sum of €279,000 together with payment of all medical bills and legal costs.

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