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Unfortunately accidents involving motor cyclists are very common in Ireland and motor cyclists are particularly vulnerable on our road due to the lack of protection that is afforded other road users such as car drivers.

Typical Motorcycle Injury Types

When an accident occurs involving a motorcyclist and other road users, it is generally the motor cyclist that comes off worst and as such injuries involving motor cyclists tend to be very serious injuries such as head and brain injuries, broken and fractured bones to legs, arms and shoulders in particular.

Burn/abrasion type injuries are very common when a motorcyclist is thrown or comes off his motorcycle and comes in contact with the road surface.

Owing to the severity of the physical injuries it is not uncommon for psychological injuries to occur.  Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are reasonably common after serious motorcycle accidents.

What to do if you are involved in motorbike accident

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident you should if possible attend to the following as soon as practicable:

  • Obtain details of the other driver and his/her insurance details. Usually such particulars will be located on the windscreen of the other vehicle involved.
  • Call the Gardaí to the scene of the accident.  If the Gardaí do not attend the scene of the accident report the matter to An Garda Siochana as soon as possible thereafter, this should be done at the Garda Station where the accident occurred.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene from different angles together with pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved including your motorcycle.  These may be helpful to your solicitor in ascertaining the issue of liability and detailing the severity of the impact.
  • Try to identify any witnesses to the accident which may be of benefit to you in establishing who was at fault for the accident at a later date.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Please ensure that the medical attendant be it at the hospital or your GP is made aware of the circumstances of the accident and when and where the accident occurred.  It is important to also make a careful note of your injuries.
  • Retain all receipts for any expenses that you incurred such as travel expenses, medication, details in respect of physiotherapy etc. as these may be claimed back at a later stage in your case.

Road Traffic Accident Claims – 10 Things You Must Do

Client case study: €231,000 compensation for fractures sustained in motorcycle accident

In July 2007 Simon was riding his motorcycle on the N7 approaching Naas from the Limerick direction and heading towards his home in Dublin when a car emerged without warning from the hard shoulder and collided with Simon’s motorcycle.

Simon was hospitalised for a period of three and a half months and sustained fractures and broken bones to both legs and his right arm. In addition, Simon sustained a fracture to his skull.

Quinn Solicitors acted for Simon who was unable to return to work as an Engineer for eleven months. Unfortunately Simon was left with a permanent disability and was left with a limp for the rest of his natural life.

High Court proceedings were initiated on behalf of Simon and the matter was eventually compensated for the sum of €291,000 to include loss of earnings claim and all medical expenses were recovered.

In addition to the compensation achieved for Simon, Simon was also paid his legal costs from the Defendant’s Insurance Company.

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