Unfortunately, farm accidents are a common occurrence in Ireland.

If you have been the victim of a farm accident, you may be entitled to compensation in circumstances where the farmer/employer has failed in his duty to you.

This duty also extends to negligent acts committed by fellow employees to fellow employees or third parties such as visitors, delivery persons etc.

Unfortunately, farm accidents are a common occurrence in Ireland and often result in serious injuries including loss of limbs, spinal injuries, crushed and broken bones and unfortunately fatalities can also occur.

The causes of such accidents are many and varied but often are the result of inadequate training by the employer/farmer. In addition, an accident often results from the use of faulty equipment such as tractors and diggers.

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Other Common Farm Accident Types

Slips, trips and falls: For example where staff or family members have left something where they should not have or failed to do something they ought to have done for example, re-covering a septic tank, sewers, drains and slatted units.

Injuries caused by Animals: Where a farmer acts as an employer he is under a duty to provide a safe place of work for his employees, a safe system of work and safe employees with which to work. He is also required to provide safe equipment. It is not uncommon for farmer/employers to provide inadequate training or in some cases no training at all to employees and often accident can occur.

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What to do if you are injured on a farm

Immediately seek medical advice

Please ensure to inform the medical doctor as to how precisely the accident happened and describe for him in detail the injuries sustained.

Fill out the Accident/Incident Report Book

You should inform your employer as to how the accident happened and fill out the Accident/Incident Report Book.

Consult a Personal Injuries Solicitor

Consult an experienced Personal Injuries Solicitor in order to see if compensation is available to you as soon as possible.

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What are the Legal Time Limits?

The statute of limitations are the legal time limits on how long you have to make a claim — these vary depending on the situation. The general rule for most personal injury cases is that the person has two years from the date of the accident or date of knowledge of the accident to make a claim for compensation. Contacting a solicitor to discuss your case will help you in determining how long you have left to make a claim.

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