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Cycling in Ireland has become very popular in the last ten to fifteen years but with the increase in vehicular traffic, unfortunately our cyclists are more vulnerable to injury than ever on our roads.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable as a road user and in common with motorcyclists, they do not have the protection of other road users such as motor car drivers.

Consequently, if they are involved in an accident on the roads, the injuries tend to be quite serious in nature and typically involve head and brain injuries and broken bones are a regular feature in accidents involving motor cars and cyclists.

In addition, abrasion/burn type injuries are also common injuries when the cyclist comes in contact with the road surface.

Typical Cycling Accident Type Examples

Collision with other road users such as a motor vehicle

Where the accident occurred because of the fault of a motorcar or other road user, a cyclist is entitled to claim compensation for his injuries from the Insurance Company for the driver of the offending vehicle.

Injury due to spillage on the road surface

Where a spillage (e.g. from an oil spill) has occurred on the road surface and a cyclist incurs an injury as a result of this spillage, it may be possible to claim compensation in circumstances where it is possible to identify the person who created the spillage hazard in the first instance.

This can occur in farm-related incidents where oil or sewage is spilt on the road by a farmer or an employee of a farmer and in such circumstances it may be possible to seek compensation from the creator of the spillage hazard to seek compensation where an injury occurs.

An injury due to a defective road surface

Where an accident occurs due to a defective road surface such as a faulty repair to a road or where road works are in the process of being carried out to a road and the surface is left in a poor condition, it may be possible to seek compensation from the company that is carrying out the works (e.g. the ESB or the Local County Council etc).

What to do if your are involved in a cycling accident

  • Obtain details of the driver and his insurance details.
  • Call the Gardai to the scene of the accident.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • Try to identify any witnesses to the accident.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Retain all receipts for any expenses that you incurred.

Road Traffic Accident Claims – 10 Things You Must Do

Client case study: cyclist awarded €57,500 for broken ankle caused by obstruction on road

In June 2005 our client Jonathon was injured in County Wicklow when his bicycle came into contact with a cable which was left unattended on the public road.

The cable crossed the surface of the road approximately 10 inches above the road and Jonathon was thrown from his bicycle when the front wheel collided with the cable.

Jonathon sustained a broken ankle which required the insertion of a plate and two pins in his ankle and Jonathon was detained in hospital for over two weeks due to his injuries.

The Utility Company carrying out the road works were held liable for his injuries owing to their failure to warn him of the hidden danger and Jonathon received the sum of €57,500 for his injuries.

In addition, Jonathon was paid his legal costs by the Utility Company’s Insurance Company.

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