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In general, medical treatment in Ireland is of an extremely high quality. Nevertheless, mistakes can occur due to bad administration, an oversight on the part of a doctor, a mistake during an operation, a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of an injury or illness.

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Here are some examples of medical negligence:

  • Something goes wrong during a surgical procedure i.e. a mistake occurs.
  • A defective product such as drugs was prescribed or infected equipment was used which resulted in an injury or illness from infection.
  • Administrative error such as a failure to give medication when required or giving the wrong medication.
  • Misdiagnosis of injury or illness or a complete failure to diagnosis the correct illness or injury resulting in the wrong treatment.

What am I entitled to claim for?

  • Monetary compensation for pain and suffering to date and into the future.
  • Loss of earnings to date and into the future up to the date of retirement, currently 65.
  • The cost of corrective surgery if possible.
  • Rehabilitation costs, the costs of ongoing care and the costs for aids and appliances.
  • Financial support for dependents, if required, such as persons under the age of 18.

Medical negligence claims are not confined to doctors. Where a medical professional such as a physiotherapist, a nurse, nurses aid, dentists, midwifes etc have acted negligently, then it may be possible to seek compensation.

It should be noted that medical negligence claims are complex cases requiring a forensic analysis of medical notes, obtaining expert views and the provision of detailed documentary evidence of negligence and resulting losses such as loss of earnings, costs of aids and appliances and rehabilitation costs etc.

In order to assess whether a medical negligence claim exists, it is important to contact your solicitor and start the process as soon as possible as there are very strict time limits in place and if you do not act within the specified time limits (usually two years from the date you know you are injured as a result of medical negligence) then you may be barred from taking legal action under the statute of limitations, therefore it is important that you act quickly.

If you would like advice and an assessment of your case, please contact us on 01-6266477 or complete our contact form and we will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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