Pasted below is a ‘compensation offer’ letter from a leading Irish motor insurance company which exposes the industry’s ‘compo culture’ double standards!

Last Friday week was a typical day at our law office here in the heart of Ballyfermot.

A typical day, in that it was a busy day – trying to catch up with stuff and missed calls etc etc before the weekend.

One of those missed calls, apparently, was from a chap from one of Ireland’s largest motor insurers.
I know that now because this piece of mail below arrived in later that same day. It was an offer of compensation settlement for two clients of our’s who were in the same road traffic accident.

So what? you say?

Well no it’s not unusual, but in an unusual step, I have taken the liberty of reproducing that letter right here for public view on this web page.

Read it and see first what you think… and below same I will tell you what I think.


[We have redacted persons’ names of all concerned but otherwise it is published in full.]